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How to make sure you enter all the necessary information when using PayPal

On website:
1. Make sure to select your correct option
2. Make sure to enter your Child’s Name or Initials to be embroidered
3. Make sure to Indicate the gender of your child
4. Make sure to enter Customer/Parent Name AND Number

Before clicking “Add to Cart”:
5. Decide which color bag/tote you want to purchase
6. Decide what color thread you want your child’s name to be embroidered in

    *Does not apply to mat covers and toddler pillowcase covers

7. Decide what colors you want your design to be
     i.e. – “black and white soccer ball” or maybe “purple and gold soccer ball”

When ready to check out:
8. From your shopping cart, enter zip code and “Calculate”
9. Select Check Out or select to pay with PayPal
10. Enter payment information and click "Review and Continue"
11. If purchasing an item or items that have thread colors that need to be indicated, click “Add” next to “Enter Color of Thread for Name & Design”
12. Specify the thread color for the name/initials and the thread color for each design(s).
             If ordering numerous items that will have different color name threads and
             design threads, please indicate which colors correspond to appropriate